Mac & Co

We're comfort food dealers.

Traders of fine foods, arbiters of great taste and purveyors of the finest gourmet mac and cheese.

Dispensers of opulence and comfort in the familiar guise of a nostalgic classic.

All our Macs come with a dose of our crispy onion topping to be sprinkled on top
House Mac - Grana Padano
Our classic mac topped with fresh parsley and shavings of Grana Padano for a delicious nutty finish.
Crispy Bacon
Our creamy mac base topped with extra crispy bacon. A true Mac & Co favourite.
Red Pesto & Sundried Tomato
Vibrant, fresh and creamy, this is indulgence. With a base of red pesto, it is elevated with a topping of sundried tomatoes and fresh parsley for good measure.
Buffalo Mozzarella & Green Pesto
Creamy buffalo mozzarella, topped with green pesto and fresh parsley. Buffalo, we salute you!
Roasted Mushroom & Truffle
Some things just work. Mac with mushrooms and truffle oil, is one of those things. We don't question such things. We just enjoy them.
Buffalo Blue Cheese
A spicy and salty mix of creamy blue cheese and Frank's buffalo sauce. The spicy dream team.
BBQ Pulled Pork
Pulled BBQ pork with lashings of sweet and smoky BBQ sauce adds a new dimension to your senses when it comes into contact with our creamy cheese sauce. It's a thing.
Crispy Chilli Chicken
Spicy and creamy have long been unlikely bed mates, but believe us, this marriage is truly special. Crispy-fried breaded chicken breast and Frank's buffalo hot sauce on our House Mac.
Chicken & Chorizo
Chicken breast & roasted chorizo with indulgent mac & cheese. I mean, what's not to like. This isn't culinary genius at work. It just makes sense. Glorious cheesy sense.

where mac is considered an iconic institution. A comfort food staple that's been warming hearts since the 14th century. Mac has stood the test of time and survived the annals of history to become the world's comfort blanket in times of great need.

Our story starts, as it always does, with our cheese sauce, made with creamy béchamel and our secret blend of three cheeses. This life-giving elixir is the foundation of our recipe, so it had to be rather marvellous.

Like culinary apothecaries the great minds at Mac&Co have concocted a recipe so devilishly addictive that we must only trade our crispy onion topping in sparing doses. As with our cheesy elixir, we have decided to keep this creation and its collective contents shrouded in mystery.

To top that off, we've created a collection of signature recipes with a mouth-watering array of remarkable flavour combinations.


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